XPages Portable Command Guide Book
Albert Buendia  Diciembre 25 2011
Albert Buendia  Diciembre 25 2011

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"This is the definitive reference for every Lotus/Domino developer who wants to succeed with XPages. Drawing on their own unsurpassed experience pioneering XPages technologies and helping IBM customers succeed with them, the authors covers everything readers need to configure the XPages runtime for any target platform, and to optimize XPages for any end-user requirement. XPages Portable Command Guide thoroughly covers XSP properties, XSP Command Manager instructions, XPages INI variables, OSGi console commands, debugging, logging, and more. The authors explore many lesser-known facets of the XPages runtime that offer developers immense potential, including special framework preferences, properties and programmable objects that enable applications to be tuned and adapted for even the most rigorous real-world environments. These advanced features are illuminated through dozens of practical examples which offer immediately usable solutions to everyday challenges related to performance, scalability, and application behavior. The perfect complement to IBM Press's popular Mastering XPages, this book helps experienced XPages developers go even further - building solutions that offer even more performance, scalability, flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and value."


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Working with XSP Properties (MD)
Chapter 2: Working with Notes/Domino Configuration Files
Chapter 3: Working with the Console (DO)
Chapter 4: Working with the XSP Client-side JavaScript Object
Chapter 5: Server-side Scripting
Chapter 6: Server-side Debugging Techniques
Appendix A: Definitive Resources
Appendix B: Useful Online Resources
Appendix C: Make Your Own Journal

Estimated Pub. Date: February 10, 2012

Expanded Table of Contents and more information here.


XPages Portable Command Guide Book