Support Content Highlights Newsletter Agosto 2011
Daniel Recio  Agosto 5 2011
Daniel Recio  Agosto 5 2011
Support Content Highlights Newsletter
IBM Lotus Notes, Domino, iNotes & Notes Traveler
August 2011
IBM Support Portal updates
Check out the IBM Electronic Support Community blog to read about the latest updates made to the IBM Support Portal. Highlights of the updates include:
  • New look to the IBM Support Portal pages
  • IBM Support Portal mobile BETA site is now available
  • Enhanced Technical Support (ETS) client offering updates

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Image:Support Content Highlights Newsletter Agosto 2011 This "IBM Lotus Support" page is your Facebook connection to Lotus Support! It will be a place where you can keep up on things such as:

--> Hot new technical information (like critical Technotes or Flashes, etc.)
--> New or updated electronic support tools
--> Upcoming Open Mic events
--> New training or education materials about electronic support offerings
--> Articles that explain the use of a particular electronic support tool
--> New Support Content Highlights mailings
--> New White Papers and articles

Thanks for your feedback; we listened and we acted on it!

We have reworked technote #1459332 to better feature its main attraction--the Admin Tool attachment, which is now easier to find and to download.
Support for newer platform releases

See the following technotes for information related to new and upcoming support for iNotes and Notes on newer platform releases
Open Mic Webcasts

Join us for the upcoming Open Mic Webcasts listed below:
Also, the presentation and Q&A from this summer's session on the topic of "Out of Office functionality" is now available in technote #7021150.
Releases, Downloads, Supportability for Notes, Domino & iNotes
Featured Technical Content for Notes, Domino & iNotes
wiki articles
  • Controlling End Users from copying widgets to My Widgets Side Panel
  • Featured Content for Lotus Notes Traveler
    Traveler (Interim Fix 1) is now available!

    Traveler customers should apply Traveler 8523 Hot Fix 20110728_0608 PRIOR to upgrading the Domino Server hosting Traveler to and later releases (1507380). The Hot Fix is also available on the Recommended Maintenance Page and on Fix Central.

    Traveler is available on Passport Advantage for new customers (check Traveler FAQs (Item B5) for more information).
    Traveler is also available on Fix Central for existing 8.5.2.x customers (check the Traveler Recommended Maintenance Page for more information).
    APAR Fix List for a complete list of included APARs

    Recent technotes:
  • Large number of invitation alerts appear for iPad calendar (1502714)  
  • Some Android 2.3.x devices unable to connect to Traveler server (1502443)
  • Can Traveler be deployed on Android devices from AT&T? (1457594)
  • Traveler SMS auto-sync user receives x-ibm-push email or SMS messages (1499400)
  • Traveler Frequently Asked Questions (1450615)

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about a Traveler deployment!
    User Experience Design & Technical Information
    Have you noticed? The Lotus product wikis, including the Lotus Notes and Domino wiki, have gotten a face-lift. And also some nifty new features, for example...

    Custom Search Scope

    Select "Custom search scope" in the content-type drop down to the left of the search bar to specify search criteria to save for future use when searching the wiki.  Search based on content type, category, author, and tag. Tip: Log in to create and see search scopes.  

    Image:Support Content Highlights Newsletter Agosto 2011

    Article Linking Tool

    Click the icon next to the title of a wiki article, copy the wiki markup text that is shown, and paste it into another article.
    Voila! The other article now has a link to the first one.
    Image:Support Content Highlights Newsletter Agosto 2011

    New Feeds

    Use new category feeds to know when someone adds or edits articles in a particular category.

    Image:Support Content Highlights Newsletter Agosto 2011

    Use new article feeds to know when someone edits or comments on a particular article.

    Image:Support Content Highlights Newsletter Agosto 2011

    Community Articles Tab

    Use this new tab to display only articles created by the community and to exclude Product Documentation and Learning Center articles.
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    Consumability experience survey
    Would you respond to the Consumability Survey for the latest version of the products you work with? This is an opportunity to influence future releases of our products and save you time by helping to make our systems easier to use. You do not have to identify yourself or your company and it only takes about 30 minutes.
    Electronic Support Resources
    Product RSS feeds

    General resources

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    IBM Notes

    Support Content Highlights Newsletter Agosto 2011