Boletín técnico de soporte Octubre 2010
Albert Buendia  Octubre 20 2010
Albert Buendia  Octubre 20 2010

Boletín mensual de documentación destacada de soporte e información.
This newsletter contains links to new information and current key technical support documents for IBM Lotus Notes, Domino, and iNotes that are frequently requested or identified by IBM Lotus Support as valuable. It also features content provided by Lotus Development, Lotus Education, and Information Development teams.
Featured technical content
Latest release info
Domino Configuration Tuner
Take 30 seconds to download the easy-to-use Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) and start comparing your Domino environment to a set of best practice rules to identify configuration problems. Once you have DCT installed, click "Check for Updates" to download new rules which are added monthly. Here are the new rules added since July:

- In addition to the original rule added in July, we've added a 64 bit version to properly allow folks running 64 bit Domino to take advantage

and DEBUG_ENABLE_UPDATE_FIX have been updated to better indicate their appropriate usage. Starting with 8.5, DEBUG_ENABLE_UPDATE_FIX is no longer needed in the server's notes.ini.

Creation of server lists for use in DCT scans has been improved for newly created databases. In addition to the default behavior of using the administrator's mail server to get the list of servers, a different server can now be specified. For example, an administrator can create one DCT with the server list populated for Lotus servers, and another with the list populated for IBM servers.

Also, following many customer requests to get data out of DCT, there is now an action "Export as HTML" which will create 'report.html' in the quicktune directory.

For more information, refer to this DCT entry in the Notes and Domino wiki.
Tech info & education announcements
XPages Domino Object map
We heard you loud and clear: you love the object model posters that came with past releases of Domino Designer. We are happy to report that we've just added the XPages Domino Object map to the Domino Designer wiki. The map presents the Domino Objects for XPages as a hierarchy and provides links to the version 8.5.2 documentation. Click an object to open its help topic in a new window.
Lotus Notes Traveler documentation in the wiki

We are moving to wiki-based documentation, which will enable the community to collaborate to create the most accurate and relevant technical content. The Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2 documentation is now available in the Lotus Notes and Domino product wiki. From the Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2 Documentation page you can browse the table of contents, find useful links, open an accessible edition of the documentation, and return to the main page to select earlier versions.  
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When you open a documentation article from the table of contents, the latest (current) version of the article is shown.
Select "Original noneditable edition" to read the original version that IBM published when the product was released.

Image:Boletín técnico de soporte Octubre 2010
Training and certification for System Administrators, Application Developers, and users
IBM Software Services for Lotus Education offers value-priced Notes, Domino & iNotes training designed to support your technology investment. Training technical users and end-users on the latest features and functionality helps to increase productivity. Earning Professional Certification credentials also translates into increased productivity. Train and get certified for the value it brings to you and your organization.

New courses in the Notes Domino Application development track!

One of the latest additions to the Domino Web developers' toolkit of technologies is XPages. With the inclusion of XPages, you now have the ability to easily create Web 2.0 user experiences in your existing applications. Lotus Education is pleased to announce NEW courses in the Notes Domino Application development track that address the skills needs of both new and experienced application developers which would enable them to harness the power of XPages. Here are the new classes:
D8L51 - Fundamentals of IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 Application Development (5 days)
D8L55 - Introduction to IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 XPages (2 days)
D8L53 - Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 Applications: Intermediate XPage Design (3 days)

New Night School option for select Instructor-led Online classes

Some of our most popular courses can now be completed in shorter increments of time, during evenings.
Additional Resources:
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Boletín técnico de soporte Octubre 2010