Daniel Recio  Mayo 2 2011

Mayo 2 2011  Daniel Recio
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Support Content Highlights for Lotus Notes Traveler
April 29, 2011
This newsletter contains announcements about and links to information for Lotus Notes Traveler that can keep you informed about recent developments and help you plan your Traveler deployment.
MOBILE JAM week, May 16-19, 2011!
Open Mics! Guest appearances! Movie madness! Q&A with the experts! IdeaJam!
: Sametime Mobile Day with an Open Mic
: Blackberry Day with an Open Mic
: Traveler Day with an Open Mic
: Wrap-up Day


Everything you ever wanted to know about a Lotus Notes Traveler deployment!
Check the following links!
For a general Overview and links to the above information plus much more, go to the
Lotus Notes Traveler-dedicated wiki.
Featured Content
Lotus Notes Traveler available in Traveler Recommended Maintenance (4019529) or on Passport Advantage.

Android 3.0 support statement for Lotus Notes Traveler (Fix Pack 2) (1470703)

Enabling Apple device security using Traveler's default device settings

Enabling Android device security using Traveler's default device settings

Support Statement for Symbian/Symbian^3 and Windows Phone (1470120)

Open Mic Presentation and Q&A: "Lotus Traveler (for Android & iPad) - Install, Configure & Admin" (1470913)

Updated with Android information: Lotus Notes Traveler Frequently Asked Questions (1450615)

Updated: System Requirements for Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2 (7019476)

Collecting Data: Server crash issue with Lotus Notes Traveler (1450500)
Electronic Traveler Support Resources
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Image:Support Content Highlights newsletter for Lotus Notes Traveler (April 2011)

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Support Content Highlights newsletter for Lotus Notes Traveler (April 2011)