Another thing that I have made it`s to eliminate the RightSideBar and to increase the minimum size of the frame. I like this solution more, although it's only to minimize the problem.

I should not put this post in my home page.  
My home page uses RightSidebar, but if use the HTML "continuing reading" marks, when you use the "permanet link", no problem, because then, the blog use another HTML page template that doesn't have RightSideBar, this way I avoid the problem.
If somebody has a better solution, will be well received.

Regards from Spanish Lotus User Group

Pido disculpas a los colegas del ESLUG por poner esta entrada en inglés, quiero ver si algún listo me contesta.
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IBM 8.0.1 template blog,Grrrrr..........Please Help (English post)
Martín Ortega Novella   February 16 2009
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